Film at Lincoln Center is pleased to present free outdoor screenings in both Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park and on Governors Island’s Parade Ground all summer long.

Summer for the City screenings at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park

The Summer for the City outdoor film series, which will be held in Damrosch Park, promises to delight and stimulate moviegoers with a three-film showcase of Terence Blanchard’s illustrious and prolific career as a composer of film scores, in connection with “See Me As I Am,” LCPA’s year-long, campus-wide celebration of the pioneering musician.

Summer for the City also includes “Can’t Stop the Street: Hip Hop on Screen,” a five-film sidebar as part of a campus-wide celebration honoring hip hop’s 50th anniversary, exploring and paying tribute to the myriad ways in which hip hop’s history, cultural innovations, and guiding creative voices have influenced and intersected with American cinema over the last half-century. 

Learn more about our screenings in Damrosch Park here.

“Rule-Breakers and Troublemakers” screenings on Governors Island’s Parade Ground

FLC teams up with Governors Island Arts to present “Rule-Breakers and Troublemakers,” taking place on the Island’s historic Parade Ground, an eight-acre lawn with expansive open views of Lower Manhattan. This year’s Governor’s Island screenings feature a selection of films that celebrate relatable, resilient protagonists who refuse to accept the constraints that society has imposed on them. The series will be produced by Rooftop Films.

Learn more about our screenings on Governors Island here.