Green Screens is proud to present a collaboration with Cinema Planeta, International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico.

The twelve films explore the different ways we live on this planet and interact with our environment. From the disappearing traditional ways of life seen in Silvestre Pantaleón, Canícula and Within the River, Among the Trees, to people coping with the pressures of developing modern societies in Yatatso and Solar Eclipse to global problems we have created living a fully realized consumer culture in The Crisis of Civilization, Nuclear Savage, The Light Bulb Conspiracy and Keep on Rolling.

Don’t ‘miss the exciting family films Bacalar, Chandani: The Daughter of the Elephant Whisperer and Among Wolves!

Cinema Planeta has been dreaming for four years about a change in our relationship with the planet, the beings with whom we coexist with, its natural resources and among ourselves. The festival understands cinema as a vehicle of transformation, as a promoter of a culture oriented towards environmental conservation.