Film at Lincoln Center and The Film-Makers’ Cooperative present “Seeing the City: Avant-Garde Visions of New York from The Film-Makers’ Cooperative Collection and Beyond,” to be presented at FLC from May 3–7. The series will feature a selection of films from The Film-Makers’ Cooperative catalog and elsewhere that paint a unique portrait of the city, with many presented on 16mm.

An iconic, oftentimes cliched, cinematic setting for hundreds of films, New York has regularly played a starring role in the history of cinema. Narrative films set in New York City are almost a subgenre unto themselves and have received copious attention. Less well explored are visions of the city anchored in exploration, experimentation, and subversive political commitment. This set of programs offers a diverse and engaging introduction to some of the scores of films in The Film-Makers’ Cooperative’s collection (and beyond) that explore the city. From the lyrical evocations of the anonymity of the crowd and mass transit, and a clutch of visionary works examining the built environment, to sets of films exploring housing, the lurking shadow of ever-encroaching gentrification, and works on specific areas of the city, this selection gives an alternative vision of one of the most filmed and photographed metropolises on earth.

Organized by Tom Day and Dan Sullivan. Tom Day would like to thank the entire Film-Makers’ Cooperative team, especially interns Haley Aaskow, Chris Stoddard, and Lucy Talbot Allen.