Festival January 11 - 24, 2017

New York Jewish Film Festival

The 2017 New York Jewish Film Festival features a wide-ranging and exciting lineup of films and shorts from the iconic to the iconoclastic. Including global, U.S., and New York premieres, a tribute to actress and cabaret artist Valeska Gert, a 50th anniversary screening of Mel Brooks’s The Producers, and a related poster exhibition honoring the life and work of Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, this year’s NYJFF will entertain film lovers from all backgrounds.
New Release


Pablo Larraín’s exciting, surprising, and colorful new film is a “Nerudean” portrait of the great Chilean poet’s years of flight and exile, featuring Luis Gnecco, Gael García Bernal as a fictional detective, and a terrific cast.

Directed by Pablo Larraín

New Release Opens January 20, 2017

Staying Vertical

Combining the formal control of his 2013 breakthrough Stranger by the Lake with the shape-shifting fabulism of his earlier work, Alain Guiraudie’s new film is a sidelong look at the human cycle of birth, procreation, and death, as well as his boldest riff yet on his signature subjects of freedom and desire.

Directed by Alain Guiraudie

Festival January 26 - 31, 2017

Neighboring Scenes

Now in its second year, Neighboring Scenes is the Film Society’s showcase of contemporary Latin American cinema. Highlighting impressive recent productions from across the region, this selective slate of premieres exhibits the breadth of styles, techniques, and approaches employed by Latin American filmmakers today. Neighboring Scenes spans a wide geographic range​, and features established auteurs as well as fresh talent from the international festival scene.
New Release Opens March 31, 2017

The Death of Louis XIV

The great Jean-Pierre Léaud delivers a majestic performance as the longest-reigning French king during his final days. Filled with ravishing candlelit images and painstaking details from historical texts, Serra’s elegant, engrossing contemplation on death and its representation is as darkly funny as it is moving.

Directed by Albert Serra

Festival February 03 - 07, 2017

Dance on Camera Festival

Dance on Camera Festival remains the longest-running dance film festival in the world, providing a platform for choreographic storytelling and creative expression, and intimate access to innovative media artists and their cinematic works. Each February, the Festival presents feature-length documentary and narrative films, inventive short films, filmmaker panels and special events, cutting edge media and art installations, as well as engaging community and student programs.

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