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This gut-wrenching tale, about an upwardly (or outwardly) mobile New York Jewish boy (Charles Grodin) who marries within the faith only to meet the shiksa of his dreams on his Miami honeymoon, is told in the coolest manner imaginable. Every perfectly observed and appointed interaction plays out so smoothly and quietly that the full impact of the story is that much more devastating when it hits you during the film's final plaintive moments. Few movies are better cast. Grodin's brilliant performance in the lead was career-defining, Eddie Albert's slow burns belong in a museum, and it was with this movie that Cybill Shepherd became the iconic ’70s golden girl. But The Heartbreak Kid wouldn’t have been possible without May’s daughter, Jeannie Berlin, as the haplessly gauche, grating and pitiful Lila. Few directors would dare to cast their own child in such a role, and few actresses could bring so much life to a character that is, in the end, the embodiment of bad luck.

Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.


  • Directed By Elaine May
  • 1972
  • U.S.
  • 106 minutes