Ariel, a student leading a 2002 occupation at a Montevideo university, receives news of his father's death in Salto. Leaving the city and all its protests and solidarity movements behind, Ariel embarks on a very personal journey as he settles into the tranquil countryside—an area under-explored in Uruguayan cinema—and learns that he has to manage his father’s inheritance, including his debts and a lover who’s still living in his house. In this fascinating story of rebirth, Manuel Nieto crafts a clever metaphor for the country of Uruguay, which its youth will someday inherit and have to learn how to manage, in their own search for restoration. The film was co-produced by Lisandro Alonso, this year's Filmmaker in Residence.

  • Manuel Nieto
  • 2013
  • Uruguay
  • Spanish with English subtitles
  • DCP
  • 121 minutes