This week on the Film at Lincoln Center podcast, we’re featuring a Q&A with Dario Argento on Deep Red following the world premiere of the new restoration at our retrospective, underway through June 29, presented by FLC and Cinecittà. The conversation was moderated by Maddie Whittle with interpretation by Michael Moore.

Blow–Up’s David Hemmings takes the lead in Argento’s most sophisticated giallo, playing a jazz pianist who struggles to remember a vital piece of evidence after witnessing the murder of Macha Méril’s German psychic. Joined by Argento’s real-life partner Daria Nicolodi in the role of a plucky journalist, Hemmings embarks on a dizzying tour of Rome (with shooting locations in Turin standing in for the capital city) which, through Argento’s roving, suprahuman lens, appears just as haunted and hyper-compartmentalized as the movie’s tortured human protagonists. Ranked among the director’s masterworks, Deep Red is supplemented by Argento’s first score with Italian prog-rock band Goblin and astonishing production design by Giuseppe Bassan.

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