Frank Pavich's Jodorowsky's Dune.

Fantastic Fest capped off its list of winners with Frank Pavich's doc Jodorowsky's Dune winning the genre festival's Audience Award and Best Documentary prize, while Ari Folman's The Congress took Best Picture in the festival's Fantastic Features category.

Pavich's Jodorowsky's Dune is the story of cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky's ambitious but ultimately doomed film adaptation of the seminal science fiction novel, while Ari Folman's sci-fi animation The Congress features Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel and Jon Hamm about an aging out-of-work actress who accepts one last job, though that decision affects her in ways she didn't consider.

Matt Johnson's The Dirties won Best Picture in the festival's “Next Wave” section. The Canadian drama follows two friends who are filming a comedy about getting revenge on bullies at their high school, though one is not joking and the stunt takes on real life consequences.

Derek Lee and Clif Prowse's Afflicted won Best Picture in the “Horror” category in addition to other prizes. Also the story of two friends, the film follows the pair on a trip of a lifetime that takes a dark turn when one of them is struck by a mysterious affliction. They race to uncover the illness's source in a foreign land before it consumes him completely.

The largest genre event in the U.S., Fantastic Fest takes place annually in Austin and continues through September 26.

The list of main Fantastic Fest winners:

Audience Award

Jodorowsky's Dune (director Frank Pavich)

Fantastic Features

Best Picture: The Congress (director Ari Folman)
Best Director: David Perrault (Our Heroes Died Tonight)
Best Screenplay: Ari Folman (The Congress)
Best Actor: Svein André Hofsø Myhre (Detective Downs)
Best Actress: Robin Wright (The Congress)

Documentary Features

Best Picture: Jodorowsky's Dune (director Frank Pavich)
Best Director: Shaul Schwarz (Narco Cultura)

“Next Wave” Spotlight Competition

Best Picture: The Dirties (director Matt Johnson)
Best Director: Oren Carmi (Goldberg and Eisenberg)
Best Screenplay: James Byrkit (Coherence)
Best Actor: Yorick van Wageningen (The Resurrection Of A Bastard)
Best Actress: Swantje Kohlhof (Nothing Bad Can Happen)

Horror Features

Best Picture: Afflicted (directors Derek Lee and Clif Prowse)
Best Screenplay: Derek Lee and Clif Prowse (Afflicted)
Best Director: Derek Lee and Clif Prowse (Afflicted)
Best Actor: Jason David Brown (Septic Man)
Best Actress: Julia Garner (We Are What We Are)

Gutbuster Comedy Features

Best Picture: Why Don't You Play In Hell (director Sion Sono)
Best Director: Sion Sono (Why Don't You Play In Hell)
Best Screenplay: Kankurô Kudô (Maruyama The Middle Schooler)
Best Actor: Fuku Suzuki (Kid's Police)
Best Actress: Qi Shu (Journey To the West: Conquering The Demon)