The Film Society of Lincoln Center played host to the New York premiere of DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK on Monday, August 8. The Furman Gallery was filled with photographers and members of the press eager to see, photograph and talk to producer Guillermo del Toro, director Troy Nixey and stars Katie Holmes and Bailee Madison. Then a standing room only crowd settled into the Walter Reade to receive some classic scares courtesy of del Toro and Nixey as well as a very entertaining Q&A which involved pint-sized star Madison teasing del Toro throughout for his predilection for swearing in front of her.


The paparazzi photogs get their shots of star Bailee Madison with her mother and sister outside the Walter Reade. (Photo by Godlis)


Director Troy Nixey arrives with fiancee' Michelle Storms. (Photo by Godlis)


Photographers speculated that Bailee Madison was such a pro she may have come out of the womb prepared to walk a red carpet. (Photo by Godlis)


New Directors/New Films and NYFF alum Guillermo del Toro is always welcome back at Film Society. (Photo by Godlis)


The photographers' flashbulbs were so intense upon Katie Holmes' arrival, two of the red carpet escorts were sent home with second degree burns. (Okay, we're exaggerating a little…) (Photo by Godlis)


Each member of the DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK team (Katie Holmes, Bailee Madison, Guillermo del Toro, Troy Nixey) picks their own photographer to look at. (Photo by Godlis)


FilmDistrict's Bob Berney joins Katie Holmes, Guillermo del Toro and Bailee Madison on the red carpet. (Photo by Godlis)


Katie Holmes weighs in that whole debt ceiling controversy. (Photo by Godlis)


During the intro, del Toro told the audience to prepare to be so scared they would “crap their pants”. (Photo by Godlis)


Director Nixey said he could have been “knocked over with a feather” when del Toro offered the film to him. (Photo by Godlis)


Katie Holmes talks about the challenges of acting opposite lots of tiny demons that aren't really there. (Photo by Godlis)


According to Bailee Madison, she was all in on the project when she learned she would get to fly to Australia to film. Oh, and the script was cool and scary too. (Photo by Godlis)


Del Toro cited the original television movie version of DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK as well as the infamous mini Zulu warrior from “Trilogy of Terror” as influences on the film. (Photo by Godlis)


Del Toro signed several books, DVDs, posters and the foreheads of faery-like demons (according to speculation) after the Q&A. (Photo by Godlis)