On a new episode of the Film at Lincoln Center podcast, we’re excited to present a conversation with director Paul Schrader about two of his recent features, First Reformed and The Card Counter. We were delighted to have the filmmaker recently join us in anticipation of the opening of his latest feature, the NYFF60 Main Slate selection, Master Gardener, now playing in our theaters.

For nearly half a century, Schrader has crafted a personal and provocative body of work typified by an obsessive focus on moral decay, isolation, and self-redemption across various dispirited pockets of the United States. Rounding out an era-delineating thematic trilogy that began with First Reformed (2017) and The Card Counter (2021), Master Gardener  (NYFF60) continues what the writer-director has referred to as his “man in a room” movies with a startling tale of dormant violence and the possibility of regeneration.

Following our screenings of First Reformed and The Card Counter, Schrader spoke with FLC Assistant Programmer Maddie Whittle about his recent trilogy of films.