Tsai Ming Liang's Walker, screening as part of 
Invisible Attributes – By Sky and on Foot

The 50th New York Film Festival welcomes the weekend with a full day of experimental films, extra special Main Slate screenings, an unfairly-maligned Western, and a creepy midnight screening for night owl cinephiles. 

Views from the Avant Garde enters day two with more Free Ampitheater Programs all day from 10:00am to 10:00pm. See some of the films you might have missed yesterday—including Phil Solomon's remaker of Andy Warhol's “EMPIRE” set in Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City—or check out two new films: Brad Butler & Karen Mirza's Deep State and Damon Packard's Foxfur. In addition to this, Chris Marker's Sans Soleil, Raúl Ruiz's The Blind Owl, and short works programs Invisible Attributes – By Sky and on Foot and Circles of Confusion will be screening, along with many others, as part of the experimental festival's diverse and provocative lineup. Rush tickets are available for most screenings; see full list below.

Olivier Assayas' Something in the Air.

While Views from the Avant Garde will stretch across the day, Main Slate films Amour and Something in the Air will stand out as the festival's evening events, with both directors in person. At 6:00pm, the Palme d'Or winner at this year's Cannes Film Festival, Amour, will grace Alice Tully Hall along with its award-winning director Michael Haneke. Featuring the great veteran French actors Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva, Amour is not only Austria's official submission for the Oscar race, but also one of Haneke's most intimate and powerful films. Following Amour, Olivier Assayas' distinctive and semi-autobiographical film Something in the Air will screen at 9:00pm with the French writer-director making an appearance. 

As part of the festival's Masterworks series, Michael Cimino and Kris Kristofferson will attend the 6:30pm screening of Heaven's Gate in its fully restored and uncut version. Based on events in 1890's Wyoming, the American epic Western follows the conflict between wealthy land barons and European immigrants. While the film failed to see a postivie reception when it was first released in 1980, its digital restoration and recent critical re-appraisal has much attention. 

Peter Strickland's Berberian Sound Studio

To cap off the entire day, NYFF's Midnight Movies section returns to the Walter Reade Theater with Peter Strickland's Berberian Sound Studiothe winner of Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actor award at FrightFest 2012. Using the power of sound to its advantage, Berberian Sound Studio takes a movie-within-a-movie and playfully blends reality and film in an enjoyably creepy throw-back to the low-budget “giallo” horror films of 60s & 70s Italian cinema. 

Full Schedule:

Main Slate:
6:00pm – Amour (Standby Only)
9:15pm – Something in the Air

<p>Views from the Avant-Garde:
10:00am – Free Ampitheater Programs
12:00pm – Chris Marker (Rush Tickets Available!)
12:30pm – Raúl Ruiz
2:30pm – Invisible Attributes – By Sky and on Foot (Rush Tickets Available!)
3:00pm – Nicolas Rey (Rush Tickets Available!)
5:30pm – Circles of Confusion (Rush Tickets Available!)
6:00pm – Ferdinand Khittl (Rush Tickets Available!)
8:30pm – David Gatten (Rush Tickets Available!)
9:15pm – Luke Fowler  (Rush Tickets Available!)

6:30pm – Heaven's Gate (Standby Only)

Midnight Movies:
11:59pm – Berberian Sound Studio (Rush Tickets Available!)