Wednesday is, needless to say, another can’t-miss day at the New York Film Festival. Momentously, Nicole Kidman will grace Alice Tully Hall with her presence as we pay tribute to her work and contribution to the industry. Kidman will take the stage for an intimate conversation before the premiere of her latest film, Lee Daniels' The Paperboy, followed by more conversation with Kidman, Daniels and co-star Macy Gray. Kidman has been nominated for more than 72 awards across 51 festivals, guilds and panels, including an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role and a Silver Berlin Bear for The Hours. In the words of Program Director Richard Peña, “Nicole Kidman is one of film’s finest contemporary actresses.”

Get over hump day with Eleanor, Daisy and FDR in Hyde Park on Hudson at 1:00pm. Then take a quick bathroom break and return to the Beale with Becoming Traviata at 3:30pm. It’s more than a behind-the-scenes look at the staging of Verdi’s La Traviata at the Aix-en-Provence Festival in France, Philippe Béziat’s film is a breathtaking look at director Jean-Francois Sivadier and musical director Louis Langrée’s contemporary version of the wonderful tragedy. Rush tickets available!

Thankfully, it’s not all over when the fat lady sings because it’s a musical day at the New York Film Festival with The Rolling Stones: Charlie is My Darling—Ireland 1965 screening at 8:30pm and Punk in Africa screening at 9:00pm. The Rolling Stones is a can’t miss for any fan of Mick Jagger’s eccentricities and goes hand-in-hand with Punk in Africa—a documentary about the punk scene in South Africa, where The Rolling Stones’ music wasn’t even allowed on the radio, and its relationship to the fight against Apartheid.

Jacques Rivette's Jean Renoir, The Boss

Tomorrow also marks the start of our Masterworks section Cinéastes/Cinema of Our Time. Jacques Rivette’s Jean Renoir, The Boss: The Rule and the Exception screens at 8:30pm, part of a three-part film by Rivette in which Renoir analyzes and edits scenes and develops characters from The Rules of the Game and La Marseillaise. But if the boss gets you down, there’s New York’s own John Cassavettes as seen in John Cassavettes, a portrait of the filmmaker that was also shot in parts, first in 1965 then 1968 after Faces’ success. Rush tickets are available!

Then catch up on the best of 50s film gossip with The War of the Volcanoes. Following the Ingrid Bergman/Roberto Rossellini/Anna Magnani love triangle, director Francesco Patierno’s documentary tells the tale of Magnani’s anger-fueled jealousy, which prompts her to follow Rossellini/Bergman to the Aeolian Islands during the making of Stromboli and begin shooting a dueling production Vulcano, all in the name of keeping tabs on them. Needless to say, the Italian press had a field day!

Our free NYFF Live series also continues with WGA East's panel The Play's The Thing. Join us in the Film Center Amphitheater at 7:00pm to hear three award-winning playwrights, Lucy Alibar (Beasts of the Southern Wild), Eric Bogosian (Suburbia, Talk Radio) and John Patrick Shanley (Doubt), discuss their journeys from stage to screen. Can't make it out? Watch it via YouTube live below!

Full Schedule:

Main Slate:
1:00pm – Hyde Park on Hudson (Standby Only)
6:30pm – You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet (Standby Only)
8:30pm – The Paperboy (Standby Only)

Special Events:
3:30pm – Becoming Traviata (On the Arts, Rush Tickets Available!)
6:15pm – The War of the Volcanoes (Cinema Reflected)
8:30pm – A Tribute to Nicole Kidman (Gala Tributes, Standby Only)
9:00pm – Punk in Africa (On the Arts, Rush Tickets Available!)

6:30pm – John Cassavettes (Cinéastes/Cinema of Our Time, Rush Tickets Available!)
8:30pm – Jean Renoir, The Boss: The Rule and the Exception (Cinéastes/Cinema of Our Time)
8:30pm – The Rolling Stones: Charlie is My Darling—Ireland 1965