On October 14 the 50th New York Film Festival came to a close with Robert Zemeckis’ long-awaited return to live-action Flight starring Denzel Washington, Bruce Greenwood, John Goodman, Melissa Leo, Tamara Tunie, and Don Cheadle. Check out photos from the red carpet, press conference, and Q&A on this historic Closing Night: 

Inside Alice Tully Hall closing night. Photo: Belem Destefani

Robert Zemeckis at the Flight press conference Photo: Godlis

James Badge. Dale Photo: Olga Bas

Bruce Greenwood and Denzel Washington. Photo: Olga Bas

Zemeckis, John Goodman, Don Cheadle, Melissa Leo, 
James Badge Dale, Greenwood, Washington Photo: Godlis

Justin Martin. Photo: Olga Bas

Kelly Reilly. Photo: Devon O’Kane

Melissa Leo. Photo: Devon O’Kane

John Goodman. Photo: Phillip May

Tamara Tunie. Photo: Godlis

Tamara Tunie. Photo: Phillip May

Don Cheadle with wife, Bridgid Coulter. Photo: Devon O’Kane

Greenwood with wife, Susan Devlin. Photo: Phillip May

Brian Geraghty and Tamara Tunie. Photo: Devon O’Kane

Martin Short. Photo: Devon O’Kane