As we close out the year, we look back at the exciting events we have had here at the Film Society just over the past couple of weeks! Film Comment magazine revealed their Best Films of 2018 poll, which can be read here (with more in the forthcoming Jan-Feb 2019 issue). Matt Dillon joined us for The House That Jack Built (playing through Thursday), followed by an extensive Film Comment Talk. Christian Petzold was here to kick off his largest U.S. retrospective to date, which began with a sneak preview of Transit, opening this March at the Film Society. Wang Bing presented the New York premiere of Dead Souls and a special screening of his debut West of the Tracks. The popular podcast Chapo Trap House screened Starship Troopers, followed by a lively discussion. We also presented a special screening of Beautiful Boy at Bedford Playhouse, followed by a Q&A with Timothée Chalamet.

Check out the gallery above, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a selection of these Q&As, with more to come!