Looking for a way to share your thoughts on NYFF films and hear what your friends think of them too? A new app called WeChi has you covered!

WeChi is a social feedback network that lets you and your friends share how you're doing, not just what you're doing. It allows you to keep track of the most important thing of all—your personal relationships. After all, in an online world where it can seem like everyone is your friend, it is easy to lose track of the people who really matter to you.

On WeChi, how you and your friends are feeling is expressed with simple weather icons. The better you're all doing, the better your weather. Your closest friends make up your “My 7.” Just like in the real world, their influence on you is the most important. Also, the more you and your friend react and respond to one another, the higher your collective points rise.

The New York Film Festival has teamed up with WeChi to to create a series of “loops,” which are places you can express how you're feeling about a specific thing. In this case the “loops” represent festival films, so you and your friends can immediately weigh in on the films you have seen! Each NYFF film has its own loop in WeChi: tap World, search for title, then tap the title to join.

WeChi is currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPods from the App Store. Currently a Facebook account is required to join. Android and web versions are on their way.