This week on the Film at Lincoln Center Podcast, we’re featuring a special conversation on Summer of 85 from Rendez-Vous with French Cinema 2021 as it begins its theatrical release in our theaters. Join director François Ozon, stars Benjamin Voisin and Félix Lefebvre, and FLC’s programming assistant Maddie Whittle in a discussion about the making of the coming of age romance. 

After meeting in Normandy in 1985, Alexis and David become fast friends, and Alexis starts working for David’s affectionate but scattered mother. Alexis’s attraction to David soon blossoms into passion, but turns, by the end of the summer, into a deeper meditation on mortality and the unknown. Awash in sun-kissed pastels and period-appropriate tracks from The Cure, Summer of 85 is a cursed romance in the key of Rimbaud and Verlaine that pulls apart the comforts of nostalgia in the heat of the present.

Summer of 85 opens in our theaters this Friday, June 18. Get tickets here.

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