It’s hard to overstate the importance of music to film (or film to music, but that is a discussion for another time). From the era of the silent short accompanied by live musicians, to the film scores of master composers such as Bernard Hermann, music and the movies have been and remain irrefutably connected. Try to think of PSYCHO without also hearing the scream of those urgent strings, JAWS without the staccato menace of a bass lurking just below the surface, or THE GODFATHER without that mournful trumpet.

On April 5 at 8PM the Walter Reade Theater will play host to a singular event, Cinema For The Ear.  Co Presented by the Film Society, Unsound Festival New York Labs, and ((audience)), Cinema For The Ear is a sound only program featuring the work of eight artists without film, without video, without visuals of any kind.  These pieces, all inspired by the theme of ‘Horror,’ present an auditory experience that allows the audience to discover the power of music unbound.

For more about Cinema For The Ear and the Unsound Festival check out the Film Society webpage here or call the box office at 212.875.5601.