Iconic New York City producer Ted Hope has been named to run the San Francisco Film Society. The leading independent film figure, an important member of New York’s film community, will take over as Executive Director of SF Film Society on September 1.

“The film world — be it in content, creation, business or audience — has changed significantly over the last twenty years and we all must change with it,” said Ted Hope in a statement today. “It’s time that the film industry looked not just to Hollywood but instead to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, and San Francisco Film Society is a major artistic voice positioned right in the heart of this vibrant cultural location.”

This year, Hope has worked closely with the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Scott Foundas to curate our monthly Indie Night series even as he’s continued to shepherd his own film projects. The selection of Ted Hope to run SFFS marks the latest leader with a link to Film Society of Lincoln Center to head west to run the San Francisco organization. Hope will replace the late Bingham Ray who passed away earlier this year after nearly three months on the job. Ray replaced the late Graham Leggat who passed away last summer after running the organization for nearly six years.

“This unique opportunity to work with the Film Society’s diverse communities is an extension of producing in the fullest of ways — allowing me to engage with the art form as a whole, at every level of activity,” Hope continued, in his statement today. “I am deeply honored and humbled to continue the extraordinary legacy of Bingham Ray and Graham Leggat, which is evident in SFFS’s dedication to empowering artists to get their work not just made but also truly appreciated, and by their support for the complete cinematic enterprise, process and community.”

Hope has produced nearly 70 films over the years. In 1990 he formed the leading New York company Good Machine with James Schamus and in 2002 he created This Is That when Universal Studios acquired Good Machine and tapped Schamus to lead it. Hope’s most recent company is Double Hope Films. Recent credits have includes Todd Solondz’ Dark Horse, Sean Durkin’s Martha Marcy May Marlene and James Gunn’s Super. His filmography includes multiple films by Ang Lee (The Wedding Banquet, The Ice Storm), Nicole Holofcener (Walking and Talking, Lovely & Amazing, Friends With Money), Hal Hartley (Trust, Amateur, Fay Grim) and Solondz (Happiness, Storytelling), among others.

For his full list of credits, please visit his IMDb page. Ted’s personal blog can be found at HopeForFilm.com.

Congratuations and warm wishes to Ted Hope as he heads west to run the SF Film Society. We wish him tremendous success!