As The Novelist’s Film, Hong Sangsoo’s playful and gently thought-provoking 27th feature and a Main Slate selection of the 60th New York Film Festival, opens this Friday, we are proud to continue our partnership with The Cinema Guild and premiere an exclusive clip from the new release. Explore showtimes and get tickets to The Novelist’s Film.

The Novelist’s Film (dir. Hong Sangsoo, 2022)

For his playful and gently thought-provoking 27th feature, Hong Sangsoo takes on the perspective of a prickly middle-aged novelist, Junhee (Lee Hyeyoung, the magnetic star of Hong’s In Front of Your Face). After revisiting an old friend who now runs a bookshop outside of Seoul, she embarks on a restorative journey that leads her to a chance encounter with a famous actress and former movie star (Kim Minhee); the two make an instant connection that stokes both women’s dormant creative impulses. Within this simple, loose-limbed premise, Hong locates a deep well of emotional truth, and poses a bounty of questions about the necessities and expectations of art-making, leading to a poignant, entirely unexpected, mode-shifting climax. An NYFF60 Main Slate selection. A Cinema Guild release.

“The Novelist’s Film is nakedly about how the medium’s function is determined by its form. Free your art, and your art will free you in return.” – David Ehrlich, Indiewire