On our YouTube channel you can now see footage of recent Q&As from the 16th Annual New York Asian Film Festival and Scary Movies X, as well as a wide-ranging talk with Yvonne Rainer along with a conversation after a Film Comment Presents screening of the Safdies’ Good Time. Josh and Benny Safdie were joined by star Robert Pattinson and co-writer Ronald Bronstein to discuss pitching the lead character of Connie to the star, how they maintained a certain level of energy, and their newfound flexibility in selecting locations for the shoot. From Scary Movies X, catch an introduction by the star and producer of the film Caught and a Q&A with the great comic actor Bob Balaban, who joined the Film Society to discuss his 1989 feature directorial debut, Parents, as well as memorable anecdotes from earlier in his career. He talked about the process for finding a young lead for a horror film, discovering talent, and falling in love with horror at a young age. During a retrospective of her work, Yvonne Rainer was joined by novelist and critic Lynne Tillman to discuss filmmaking, choreography, and more. From NYAFF, Extraordinary Mission star Duan Yihong accepted the Star Asia Award, Blood of Youth director Yang Shupeng explained why he decided to finally make a contemporary movie, and more.

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