This Free Talk is in conjunction with Safe Imagination Is Boring, a group exhibition of eleven New York–based visual artists with different connections to Asia and Asian culture on view in the Furman Gallery at the Walter Reade Theater. These artists exemplify a wide breadth of expression emblematic to the New York art scene. For the exhibition, each artist created new work responding to the question, “What does Asian cinema mean to you?” The artists include Nathan Catlin, Naomi Reis, and Jacob Nguyen, whose mothers come from Hong Kong, Japan, and Vietnam, respectively; Anuva Kalawar, Jerry Ma, Paolo Morales, Jia Sung, and Crys Yin, all second-generation Asian Americans, whose parents emigrated from India, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, and China; Tenaya Izu, whose mother is a second generation Chinese American and father third generation Japanese American; Nicole Maloof, a Korean American adoptee who grew up with an Irish Catholic family near Boston; and Osheen Siva, an Indian artist based in New Delhi.