This free event will take place in the Amphitheater on Friday, September 9 at 6:30pm.

With his latest directorial venture, actor and filmmaker Mathieu Amalric adds a riveting, kaleidoscopic entry to the canon of movies about women on the verge. Vicky Krieps stars as Clarisse, a young mother on the run who may—or may not, depending on your reading—be going through indescribable grief. Krieps turns in a performance of mesmerizing fluidity and mystery, as Amalric’s elliptical storytelling keeps the audience guessing about the nature of Clarisse’s reality.

Join Film Comment for a conversation with Amalric and Krieps about Hold Me Tight and the narrative and cinematic balancing act of depicting a mind in flux.

Hold Me Tight opens on September 9 at Film at Lincoln Center, with a sneak preview featuring a Q&A with Mathieu Amalric & Vicky Krieps on September 8. Learn more.

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