This event has already taken place. Stay tuned for a video coming soon!

Longtime former FLC program director Richard Peña will sit down virtually with Kleber Mendonça Filho to discuss the filmmaker’s singular narrative feature debut, Neighboring Sounds (ND/NF 2012), and his landscape-altering follow-ups, Aquarius (NYFF54) and Bacurau (NYFF57).

This event is part of the 50th edition of New Directors/New Films, the annual festival that celebrates filmmakers who represent the present and anticipate the future of cinema, and whose daring work pushes the envelope in unexpected ways. Presented by Film at Lincoln Center and The Museum of Modern Art. This year’s festival is available to audiences nationwide in the MoMA and FLC Virtual Cinemas, and to New Yorkers at Film at Lincoln Center, taking place April 28 – May 8.

Film at Lincoln Center Talks are presented by HBO®.