Columbia University School of the Arts Film Program presents the 30th Annual Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF), a week-long program of thesis short film screenings, screenplay and teleplay readings. Additional events will take place at the DGA theater on May 15.

“These films reflect the diverse, global perspectives of our filmmakers—from a film about a Tinder date gone wrong in a loft above a NYC synagogue to a frustrated mother leaving her traditional family for freedom in Delhi, India to the President of Lebanon cleaning up corruption via a local soap maker at a tiny fishing village—our filmmakers bring these stories to life through brilliant scripts and powerful cinema. Over the course of the Festival you’ll see reflected both the depth and breadth of what our students create; we are proud of their remarkable achievements.” – Maureen A. Ryan, Chair, Film Program

Thursday, May 11 

5:00pm Program A—BUY TICKETS
7:15pm Program B—BUY TICKETS
9:30pm Program C—BUY TICKETS

Friday, May 12

5:00pm Program D—BUY TICKETS
7:15pm Program E—BUY TICKETS
9:30pm Program F—BUY TICKETS

Saturday, May 13

7:15pm Program G—BUY TICKETS
9:30pm Program H—BUY TICKETS

Sunday, May 14

9:00pm Student Selects—BUY TICKETS