The Columbia University School of the Arts Film Program presents the 29th Annual Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF), a five-day program of screenings, script readings, and awards. Additional events will take place May 16 – 17 at MIST Harlem and the DGA Theater. For a list of programs, tickets, and more information, visit

Friday, May 13 

7:00pm Program A: AntarcticaSearch PartyThe Law of AveragesThe Least Worst ManFive Hard Lessons—BUY TICKETS
9:00pm Program B: FibersThe Art of Not AppearingTurningsThe Discovery of Alan HindleyMarieNocturne in Black—BUY TICKETS 

Saturday, May 14

5:00pm Program C: Ms. Bula Banerjee; Avalanche; God Saw I Was DogSalome V.; If We Must Die—BUY TICKETS
7:00pm Program D: Red Apples; The Virgin Tour; Dalliance; Mommy Heist; The Fisherman’s WifeBakri (The Goat)BUY TICKETS
9:00pm Program E: PriaWe’re All Gonna DieHaxxors; I Want You Inside Me; Submarine—BUY TICKETS

Sunday, May 15

3:00pm Program F: Human Error; Head Above WaterThe Rabbit DiedA Good ManAnd the Whole Sky Fit in the Dead Cow’s Eye; I’m in Here—BUY TICKETS 
5:00pm Program G: Mrs. Nebile’s Wormhole; Black and Blue, For You; Don’t Think About ItProxy; You Me and Me; How Far She Went—BUY TICKETS 
8:00pm Student Selects—BUY TICKETS