Columbia University’s School of the Arts Film Program presents the 32nd Annual Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF), a week-long program of thesis short film screenings and screenplay and teleplay readings. Additional events will take place at the DGA theater on May 19.

“The stories we share with each other on screen not only reflect our past and present, but also powerfully frame and inform our future. The work that comprises CUFF reflects the diverse voices of our student body, and the exchange of ideas and perspectives from around the world that we are fortunate to share every day. We are proud of the range of form and genre we see our students take on. The common thread is fearlessness, and something true and human discovered along the way.” – Hilary Brougher, Chair, Columbia Film Program

Friday, May 17

5:30pm Program A

Sadak Chaap (Street Stamp)
Hello, World
Inpatient (Pilot)
Something In The Water
Manila is Full of Men Named Boy

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7:30pm Program B

Which One Will Sing?
The Catch

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9:30pm Program C

Save Your Breath
The Man on the Mortuary Table
Only Boys

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Saturday, May 18

1:00pm Program D

La Salvadora
Let Me Play
Old Roads
Chi: The Method of Breathing

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3:00pm Program E

Chemistry of Mood
To Sonny

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5:00pm Program F

There Isn’t Even a Korean Barbecue In This Neighborhood!
Nausicaa, Burner of Ships
Into the Void

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7:00pm Program G

Boys Will Be Bastards
Last Call
Love In Hangzhou
Así En la Tierra

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9:00pm Program H

I Remember it Rained
Swallow You Whole
Three Corner House
A Cloud in Trousers

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