Columbia University School of the Arts Film Program presents the 31st Annual Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF), a week-long program of thesis short film screenings, screenplay and teleplay readings. Additional events will take place at the DGA theater on May 15.

“These films reflect the diverse, global perspectives of our filmmakers— from a film about an unexpected connection between two ASL signing artists to a wolf pack of young females seeking revenge to a robot finding his way home across the desert to his creator—our filmmakers bring these stories to life through brilliant scripts and powerful cinema. Over the course of the Festival you’ll see reflected both the depth and breadth of what our students create; we are proud of their remarkable achievements.” – Maureen A. Ryan, Chair, Film Program

Friday, May 11

7:00pm Program A
Three Nights and a Goat (Tres Noches y una Cabra)
The Liberation of Harold Kvist
Ben and Mimi. Mimi and Ben
Talent Night at Auschwitz: Bunk Five

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9:00pm Program B
Del Rio
Que Sera Sera
MFKZT 1 & 2

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Saturday, May 12

5:00pm Program C
The Bee
Knights in Newark
One Sunny Day
Everything’s Fine: A Panic Attack in D Major
Tail End of the Year

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7:00pm Program D
Happy Mask

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9:00pm Program E
Big Bad Wolves
Nice Talking to You
She Forgives
Jennie Lee and the Whirlwind

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Sunday, May 13

5:00pm Program F
Moonwalk with Me
The Wind Flower
Now or Later
Drowning Girl
God Never Dies

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7:00pm Program G
Our Albertinia
Start Breaking My Heart
Rust in Peace

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