Based on a best-selling novel by Didier Decoin that itself was a gloss on the infamous 1964 Kitty Genovese murder case in New York, Lucas Belvaux’s haunting new film is an exploration of the limits of social responsibility. Louise (Sophie Quinton) returns home to her lovely, dockside apartment after a business trip to China to discover that, the night before, a woman was brutally murdered in front of the building. The police have cordoned off the site and questioned all the residents, but nobody heard or saw anything—including Louise’s husband, Pierre (Yvan Attal), even though he was working late and would have returned home around the time the murder was being committed. The team of director Lucas Belvaux and actor Yvan Attal—who worked so brilliantly together in Rapt (RDV '10)—once again deliver a taut, challenging work. The all-star cast includes Nicole Garcia, Natalie Baye and Natacha Regnier.