A Leg is available in the FLC Virtual Cinema beginning August 15. Get tickets here.

Also playing at SVA Theatre on August 14. Get tickets here.

In this deliciously dark comedy, a woman desperately attempts to reunite her husband’s amputated leg with his body before his funeral, leading her on a wild goose chase across Taipei and through multiple encounters with bureaucracy, ineptitude, and her own recent past. As she searches, she remembers. The couple met on the ballroom dance floor, married, and started their own studio. But before Zi-Han’s death, Yu-Ying (Gwei Lun-Mei of The Wild Goose Lake, demonstrating remarkable range) had been subjected to infidelity, gambling debts, and threats of violence. As the state of Zi-Han’s leg becomes an unexpected metaphor for the couple’s crumbling marriage, the film’s fractured chronology builds to a moving climax. A Leg is the masterful feature directorial debut of Chang Yaosheng, co-writer of the 2021 Oscar-shortlisted A Sun with its director, Chung Mong-hong. Chung produced and co-wrote A Leg, and also contributed elegant camerawork.