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As collaborators, Ben Rivers and Ben Russell, two intrepid and nomadic talents of experimental film and art, have created one of the most bewitching cinematic experiences to come along in a great while. In A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness, Robert A.A. Lowe, the celebrated musician behind Lichens and Om, gives a strangely affecting, perhaps even trance-inducing performance as the film’s Parsifal figure, a quixotic man who embarks on a quest for utopia—the holy grail of infinite truth, self-knowledge, and spiritual connectedness. He finds some measure of it in three seemingly disparate contexts: in a small collective community on a remote Estonian island, in isolation in the northern Finnish wilderness, and onstage fronting a black metal band in Norway. While his experience seems to be a perpetual one of home, exile, and return, for us, it is purely magical. A KimStim Release.

New Directors/New Films 2014

“Provocative… Rivers and Russell have certainly cast a spell that sticks.” “A scattered tapestry of beautifully rendered concepts…impressively committed to its poetic design.” – Eric Kohn, Indiewire

“Hypnotic” – Cath Clarke, Time Out

“Arresting” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“With its very title, A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness is a film that announces itself as being in league with forces not entirely of this world.” – Michael Sicinski, Cinemascope

“Elegantly artistic and engagingly challenging… It is a film that aims to challenge and provoke and succeeds on that score.” – Mark Adams, Screen Daily

“A gift” – John Semley, Slant Magazine