Sofia Velázquez’splayful documentary debut was made in Santiago de Chuco, an Andean town in northern Peru, where the writer César Vallejo—one of the most important Latin American authors of the 20th century—was born and raised. The isolated town was also the main setting for the writer’s poems. Using the pretense of a casting call, the filmmaker records first-person tales to portray the memories of different people and, through them, that of an entire town. About Everything There Is to Know is an endearing film about fortuitous encounters informed by the legacy and aura of a literary icon.

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The Stillness Syndrome / Síndrome de los quietos
León Siminiani, 2021, Colombia/Spain, 31m
Spanish with English subtitles
U.S. Premiere
Using a hypothetical syndrome of stillness as an anchor, filmmaker Léon Siminiani delves into the idiosyncrasies and history of Colombia, a playful dystopian essay featuring the late filmmaker Luis Ospina as its protagonist.