Post-screening discussion with director Adam Breier, cast member Tamás Szabó Kimmel, screenwriter Bálint Csaba, and producer Andrea Ausztrics on Jan. 15 & 16

Told with delightfully mordant humor and a genuine warmth, this appealing domestic story from Hungarian filmmaker Adam Breier follows a Jewish family on the winding path toward reconciliation. Tamas (a gruff but tender Bezerédi Zoltán) is an aging boxing coach in present-day Budapest whose relationship with his son, Ivan (Szabó Kimmel Tamás), has frayed to the point of estrangement. After converting to Orthodox Judaism, Ivan moved to Israel, where he had a son, Ariel (Leo Gagel), whom Tamas has never met. Now, Ivan and Ariel have come back to Budapest for the funeral of Tamas’s wife, forcing father and son to face one another. Breier’s film is masterfully acted and directed, maintaining a perfectly balanced tone between comedy and pathos.