Special event ticket price: $25. This event is not part of the Jackie Chan Discount Package.

>This event is currently standby only. A standby line will form at the box office one hour prior to showtime and any available tickets will be released to the line on a first come, first served basis.

A screening of Jackie Chan’s massive blockbuster Chinese Zodiac, in a newly-edited 107 minute version he’s prepared for North America. Setting box-office records when it was released in China, the screening will be preceded by the presentation of the New York Asian Film Festival's Star Asia Lifetime Achievement Award and an onstage Q&A with Jackie Chan.

In his 101st movie, Chan resurrects his treasure-hunting Asian Hawk character from the Armour of God franchise and delivers an action spectacle that has broken box-office records in China. Reported to be his final “large-scale action picture” CZ kicks off with Chan being hired to steal 12 antique bronze sculptures, representing the animals of the Chinese zodiac, and repatriate them to China. Like a Saturday afternoon matinee, this colorful, kinetic flick is a live action cartoon for grown-ups, offering manic action scenes, hidden islands, pirate gangs, and funky gadgets galore. Cut down by about 20 minutes by Chan himself for the North American market (trust us, you’re not missing  anything), this is the king of the pop-and-lock saying goodbye to the blockbuster movies that made him famous in fun-tacular style.