Director Pippo Mezzapesa in person!

Another standout in a year of several impressive Italian feature film debuts, Annalisa follows the exploits of two young men from Apulia who, judging from their own parents’ lives, don’t seem to have too many auspicious prospects. Veleno is new in town, but manages to strike up a friendship with Zaza, a charismatic, talented soccer player who dreams of playing for Juventus. One day a bit of excitement comes to town: the secretive, somewhat eccentric Annalisa climbs to the roof of the local church and threatens to jump off. Annalisa goes on to form an emotional ménage-à-trois with Veleno and Zaza, who learn the the source of her despair and vow to protect her from it. Mezzapesa brilliantly captures the rhythm of teenage time: events occur unpredictably, haphazardly, with great attention paid to providing the texture and atmosphere of these young lives. The three leads—Nicolas Orzella, Luca Schipani and Aylin Prandi—are uniformly terrific.

This screening will be preced by an Olympic clip from the Instituto Luce Archive:
Stoccolma. Olimiadi Di Equitazione – 06/1956
Stockholm, Olympic Equestrian: Raimondo D'Inzeo won the silver medal
(La Settimana Incom 1420)