Introductions by producer Jean-Louis Livi

The bold, bracingly original debut feature from Léa Mysius is a coming-of-age tale unlike any other. While on summer vacation on the crystal blue coast, tempestuous 13-year-old Ava (Noée Abita) learns she is quickly going blind. It’s a revelation that leads to a breathtaking turn of events, as the newly emboldened Ava turns her back on her single mother (Laure Calamy, nominated for a Best Supporting Actress César Award) in favor of the outlaw teen Juan (Juan Cano) and the wild freedom of the road. Dazzling 35mm cinematography—with sun-splashed beach images by day and rich, inky blacks by night—evokes the increasingly dark world of a girl taking in as much of life as she can, while she can. N.Y. Premiere