New York Premiere! Producer Ada Solomon in person!

Alex (Bogdan Dumitrache, winner of Best Actor at the 2011 Locarno Film Festival) returns to his hometown after he finds out his mother suffered a stroke, whereupon the nervous, hypochondriacal Alex begins fretting and fussing over his ailing mom to an extent that may not ultimately be in her best interest. Director Adrian Sitaru here takes the POV cinematography he used in his debut feature, Hooked, to another level. This time, the perspective is anyone and everyone’s but Alex’s, which highlights both the tension he is under, and his compulsion to act. Everyone sees Alex as the person who is supposed to do something. And all things considered, everybody, not just Alex, has the best intentions. So many good intentions, in fact, it’s surprising that, in this new amazing page in the tale of the Romanian New Wave, Alex’s mother doesn’t share Mr. Lăzărescu’s ultimate fate.