Q&As with director Uri Barbash

Russian-born poet Avraham Sutzkever is, by many accounts, the greatest Yiddish writer of modern times. He wrote with wit, passion, and vitality through the darkness of the Holocaust, and led the Paper Brigade, an underground resistance group that hid a cache of Jewish cultural items to protect them from destruction at the hands of the Nazis. Sutzkever was saved by a special rescue plane sent for him by Stalin, and later testified in the Nuremberg trials against the Nazi who murdered his mother and son. Black Honey uncovers this extraordinary life through Sutzkever’s poetry and revealing how, amidst the darkest times, his poetry became a life-saving source of vitality and strength. New York Premiere

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Katia Lom
U.K., 2018, 8 min.
Using live action, animation, vintage artifacts, and photographs, director Katia Lom explores her family’s history—including their escape from Czechoslovakia in 1951. New York Premiere