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Where Eagles Dare
Brian G. Hutton | USA | 1968 | 35mm | 155m

In this action packed, high-body-count WWII thriller, commandos Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton and MI6 agent Mary Ure parachute into the Bavarian Alps to rescue a vital allied war planner captured by the Nazis. As with all Alistair MacLean adaptations, there just might be the secret traitor in their midst. And it ain’t Clint.

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X, Y, and Zee
Brian G. Hutton | U.K. | 1972 | 35mm | 110m

Socialite Elizabeth Taylor takes off the gloves and goes to war when husband Michael Caine takes up with boutique owner Susannah York in this adaptation of Edna O’Brien’s novel.

Images courtesy of the Kobal Collection