Q&A with Elliott Gould and filmmakers Brian Koppelman and David Levien (Rounders, Ocean’s Thirteen, Solitary Man) after Nov 5 screening!

Streetwise Charlie (Elliott Gould) and married Bill (George Segal) play gambling fiends in Altman’s SoCal study in friendship, mania, and the rush of chance. Chasing the ever-receding goal of a streak, the pair hustle themselves into the ground, as Gould and Segal bring wired charisma and an extraordinary lived-in camaraderie to their roles. The card games, poker halls, and racetracks come alive with Altman’s dense soundscapes in a movie too often overshadowed by the director’s panoramic works in the same decade.

“It’s funny, it’s hard-boiled, it gives us a bond between two frazzled heroes trying to win by the rules in a game where the rules re-quire defeat. . . . California Split is a great movie and it’s a great experience, too.”
—Roger Ebert

Image courtesy of the Kobal Collection.