Two former flatmates reunite after six years apart in Leigh’s masterful late-’90s comedy-drama. Annie (Lynda Steadman) heads to London to visit Hannah (Katrin Cartlidge), and the two set about catching up, comparing notes on the directions their lives have taken since they last saw each other. We then flash back to the circumstances of their first meeting, and Leigh toggles between past and present to conjure the women’s shared history in all its complex twists and turns. Deliberately narrower in scope than some of Leigh’s more overtly ensemble-based films, Career Girls zeros in on the two women at its core to arrive at a captivating portrayal of female friendship and the loves and regrets that have marked it along the way. 4K Restoration. A Janus Films release.

Screening with:
A Sense of History
Mike Leigh, 1992, UK, 26m
In this short, Jim Broadbent stars as the 23rd Earl of Leete, who invites a documentary crew into his home for a tour of the estate, which slowly turns strange as the crew realizes there’s something amiss about it all. A Janus Films release.