After transforming Madrid’s Compañía Nacional de Danza into one of the most successful dance companies in the world, Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato is fired. Soon after, Russian billionaire Vladimir Kekhman lures Duato to St. Petersburg and puts the international contemporary dance icon in charge of a major classical ballet company, making him the first foreigner to do so in over 100 years. In this revelatory documentary about an artist in transition, Duato accepts the challenge of modernizing the traditionalist Russian troupe, even as it plunges him into cultural and social isolation.

Screening with:

TACTUM: Elements of Dance
Krzysztof Stasiak, Poland, 2015, digital projection, 28m
Polish with English subtitles
According to Ayurveda, the Hindu science of health and medicine, there are three forces that give color to our existence: Green (Kapha), a combination of the elements of water and earth; Red (Pitta), of fire and water; and Blue (Vata), of air and ether. Inspired by this philosophy, director Krzysztof Stasiak opens a window to an imaginary world as well as to the creation of a series of dances charged with emotion and infused with serenity. U.S. Premiere