Q&A with Lee Byeong-heon

From acclaimed director Lee Byeong-heon comes one of the year’s most highly anticipated blockbusters. Both pulse-raising and heartwarming, this is the story of a virtuoso soccer player, Hong-dae (to whom Park Seo-jun lends his impossibly good looks and rather stunning skills with a ball), a star athlete with an attitude problem, who comes across fast-talking, cynical producer So-min (K-pop megastar IU). The two embark on an impossible journey to fix the athlete’s PR issue, and form a national soccer team made up of… homeless individuals. Inspired by the real-life Korean team that participated in the 2010 Homeless Football World Cup, Dream turns the spotlight on the resilience and determination of those who have truly hit rock bottom, and brings absolutely nothing that you’d expect from a conventional sports movie to the screen.