Sea Spray / 海之岸
Chin-Yuan Ke, 2022, Taiwan, 59m
North American Premiere
Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles

Embark on a mesmerizing journey with Sea Spray, a groundbreaking documentary that intertwines dance, visual art, and environmental exploration. In a society increasingly detached from Taiwan’s surrounding seas, a group of young performers dive deep into the ocean’s essence, translating their profound experiences into spellbinding performance art. This transdisciplinary project delves into the power of dance and visual media to convey the urgent message of environmental change. As undulating waves and shifting sands come to life through expressive movements, Sea Spray challenges us to rethink our connection to the world in between extremes. Director Chin-Yuan Ke’s visionary approach captures the beauty, vulnerability, and evolution of Taiwan’s environment. Sea Spray is a poetic dialogue between humanity and nature that beckons us to return to the loving embrace of Mother Sea with a poignant call for change and appreciation.

Preceded by:

Janique L. Robillard and Eric Bates, 2023, Canada, 16m
New York Premiere
Through unique, female-driven circus and movement art, Branché traverses time and the lush natural landscapes of Quebec in a poetic exploration of our potential to work in harmony with nature in the face of the rising conflicts and chaos of the climate crisis. As diminishing resources and livable land drive an existential collapse, the daring three-high formations and breathtaking falls remind us that a oneness of nature and humanity is undoubtedly worth preserving.

A State of Thirst
Vajrasara, 2023, India, 8m
World Premiere
Many in the Global South are living in a state of perpetual thirst. Violent fights sparked by water shortages are no longer “news.” The human body and its most basic need is the subject of this minimalist vision of a water-scarce future. The action in A State of Thirst centers on the climbing of a wooden pole by an artist trained in mallakhamb, a body conditioning exercise practiced by Indian martial artists.