Q&As with Stephane Kaas

Israeli writer Etgar Keret is beloved and renowned for his surreal, delightful short stories and his Cannes-winning work as a director. In Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story, filmmakers Stephane Kaas and Rutger Lemm journey deep into the perpetually comic and off-kilter tone of his fiction and real-life stories to better understand how he became the writer that he is. The son of Holocaust survivors, Keret describes early experiences that shape his writing and inspire his prolificacy, in conversations with friends that include This American Life’s Ira Glass and writer Jonathan Safran Foer. In keeping with the surreal style of his work, the film employs mixed-media detours to round out this quirky portrait—reenactments of his anecdotes and animated versions of his stories. U.S. Premiere

Preceded by
Odeya Rosnak
Israel, 2017, 17 min.
Hebrew with English subtitles
A creative and quirky teenage girl in Jerusalem who loses her father in a terror attack attends a torch lighting ceremony at a local community center with her mother on Memorial Day, an event that becomes a poignant moment of self-discovery. U.S. Premiere