Upon helping her friend audition for their all-girls high school’s production of Romeo & Juliet, freshman Sun-Wha is unexpectedly cast as Juliet. To her surprise Romeo is played by the über-cool and stunning senior Hanam, whom all the girls seem to have a crush on. As the two would-be thespians grow closer, Hanam takes Sun Wha under her wing in more ways than one. However this sparks the jealousy of the play’s director, Su-yeon, whom, it turns out, is more than friends with Hanam. Fantasy of the Girls is a disarming tale of first love. That it just happens to be between high school girls is presented with a refreshing naturalness. The story is not one of provocation, or the stigma attached to coming out, but simply about what it’s like to discover the burgeoning feelings and emotions of adolescence.

Presented with the support of Korean Cultural Center New York