Fahrenheit 451
François Truffaut | 1966 | UK | 35mm | 112m

Truffaut’s sole foray into English language filmmaking and science fiction is a cool, stylish adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s classic allegorical novel about a world where books are forbidden and firemen are tasked with starting fires not putting them out. Oskar Werner is the fireman who begins to have doubts, while Julie Christie and cameraman Nicolas Roeg provide ample proof that British cinema does exist after all, despite Truffaut’s notorious pronouncement.

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Jack Clayton | USA | 1982 | 35mm | 95m

Two boys try to save their town as its inhabitants one by one become in thrall to the diabolical proprietor (Jonathan Pryce) of a sinister travelling carnival, who has the power to make people’s secret wishes come true. A subtle, unsettling evocation of the darkness at the edge of town, this adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s masterful 1962 novel is an underappreciated gem from the director of The Innocents.