Rooftop Party
Laura Glaess, 2023, USA, 2m
New York Premiere

Rooftop Party seeks to explore the multifaceted possibilities of jazz music through the dualities of modern-day Lindy Hop: a dance that, like jazz itself, is both contemporary and vintage, improvised and choreographed, powerful and subtle, individual and collective, repetitive and original. Dancers Nathan and Laura meet on a New York rooftop to put movement to Count Basie’s 1952 masterpiece, Paradise Squat.

Dance on Paper II
Diego Agudo Pinilla, 2023, Spain, 12m
World Premiere
Using traditional animation techniques (colored pencils on paper), this film portrays some of the most relevant figures of dance through their movements.

In the MOment: A Drawing Dance 
Ephrat Asherie, 2021, USA, 27m
New York Premiere
Inspired by the artwork and abstract drawings of critically acclaimed writer and illustrator Mo Willems, Ephrat Asherie Dance’s In the MOment: A Drawing Dance is a film about making art out of small things, created to reignite joy, creativity and collaboration in people of all ages. Featuring original music by Marty Beller, In the MOment’s fantastical world is brought to life by a cast of virtuosic and playful dancers accompanied by David Bengali’s vivid animation and editing.

A Place For Us
Leigh-Ann Esty and Ellie Gravitte, original choreography by Adriana Pierce, 2023, USA, 6m
New York City Premiere
A Place For Us is a dance film set to Leonard Bernstein’s iconic Prologue from West Side Story. The six women in this film are all cast members from Steven Spielberg’s 2021 version of the story. Unlike the original prologue, this purely female-forward piece encapsulates themes of camaraderie, self-ownership, and strength in togetherness.

Lamara Sogomonian, 2023, Russia, 4m
North American Premiere
Legacy, a co-project of director Lamara Soghomonian and choreographer Igor Rasporskii, is based on artist Salvador Dalí’s thoughts that tormented him his entire life. Legacy is performed by an ensemble of young dancers ages 10–16 from the Stage Art Studio dance school in the Russian Federation.

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