On November 2, 1972, 67 Bolivian political prisoners executed a daring escape from a makeshift jail in the middle of Lake Titicaca during a soccer game; the prisoners then sought asylum in Peru. Their stand against the brutality of Hugo Banzer’s dictatorship was a watershed moment, but interviews with locals who were forced to assist the dissidents reveal the cruel and complicated legacy of this “heroic” tale. The directors of this film admit their inability (personal and creative) to fully deal with history and memory, relying on a series of narrative devices, sometimes controversial, but always cinematic, to tell the story. U.S. Premiere

Screening with:
Las nubes
Juan Pablo González, 2018, Mexico/USA, 20m
Spanish with English subtitles
Affected by violence and broken family relationships, a man goes on a journey through memory and time. New York Premiere