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Laura Poitras is one of the bravest figures in documentary filmmaking. Her 2006 My Country, My Country and its 2010 follow-up The Oath—respectively, about life in Iraq during the U.S. occupation and the criss-crossing paths of two Yemeni brothers-in-law who had worked at different intervals for Osama bin Laden—garnered great acclaim and numerous accolades for Poitras, but they also led to years of intense scrutiny and harassment whenever she crossed the U.S. border. The final film in the trilogy, CITIZENFOUR, about Poitras’s encounter with Edward Snowden along with reporter Glenn Greenwald, is perhaps even more explosive—a true-life espionage story unfolding in real time. We’re proud to have this remarkable artist joining us for a Directors Dialogue.

Photo by Olaf Blecker