Restored 70mm print!

An extravagant cinematic interpretation of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical by Jerry Herman and Michael Stewart, Hello, Dolly! is lavish and large. As Dolly Levi, Barbara Streisand plays a well-known matchmaker in 1890’s New York City who is supposed to help the rich and grumpy Horace Vandergelder (Walter Matthau) marry. Along the way, she not only unites other young couples, including Horace’s niece, but also, unsurprisingly, herself. Throughout this highly colorful and resplendent film, the fluid camera glides and soars in a choreographed manner, seeming to dance itself. The musical numbers, choreographed by the brilliant Michael Kidd, have sensational energy and force. Director Gene Kelly staged “Ribbons Down My Back, “It Only Takes a Moment” and the famous parade scene. Already experienced in the directing process with films like On the Town and Singin’ in the Rain, Kelly garnered a Golden Globe nomination for directing and a nod for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Feature Film from the Director’s Guild of America. Nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture.